Q. Why do I prefer taxi over Uber or Lyft?

Answer: Taxis are locally owned and registered COMPANY with local authorities. You can track down the Cab/Driver in case of any incident. Taxis are a more reliable, safe and dependable source of transportation. We build a direct one-to-one business relationship with our valued customers. Our drivers are trained for the best customer services. The taxi company has to go through many background checks, acquiring commercial auto insurance, permit for the company, for each cab and for each driver.

Privacy is also one of the main concerns, your personal information is very important, and to us is very important and we never ever use your personal information/data or sell to any other company, while the ride-share hailing companies, especially UBER have poor reputation of customers privacy, they track your activities, location and sell your data and personal information to other marketing companies. Though Uber have announced they have ended post trip tracking of their customer after heavily criticized, but still. There is a trade-off, decision is yours.

Q. Are you legitimate and registered Taxi company?

Answer: Yes, we are. We are a registered company, regulated, authorized and all permits issued by the City of College Station and College Station Police Department. Taxi vehicle’s and driver’s permit is always on display in our every cab, if not, can be requested to present to the customer. We advise not to use the unregistered private cars pretending to be a taxi company. Please make sure you are using services of the College Station taxi service or company with valid and up to date permits. There are some illegal Bryan taxi / College Station taxi companies in the town which are working without valid/renewing the taxi permits and commercial insurance. Be careful and report immediately to College Station Police Department at (979) 764-3600 or the City of College Station Office.

Q. Are your drivers professional and background checked?

Answer: Yes, all our drivers are professional having clean past driving record and clean criminal history, both backgrounds are verified by College Station Police Department.

Q. Do you accept CASH?

Answer: Yes, we do.

Q. Do you have Van in your fleet?

Answer: Yes, we do have min-van which can accommodate up to six people at a time with lots of luggage. While booking, please mention you need a van for pick up.

Q. Do you charge extra fare for the van?

Answer: No, we do not, unlike Uber/Lyft.

Q. Can I book taxi/cab online in advance?

Answer: Yes, you can always book your cab online through our website, click here.

Q. Can I pay with Credit/Debit?

Answer: Yes, we accept all major credit cards and debit card.

Q. Can I pay in advance through credit card over the phone?

Answer: Yes, you can always pay in advance through your credit card by calling us at our main number +1 (979) 777-4910 to the dispatcher.

Q. What If I don’t want/cannot pay over the phone, is there any way I can pay online through invoice?

Answer: Yes, we will need your email address, first name and last name so we can send you an invoice and you can pay online with your credit/debit card through secure connection.

Q. Do you have accessible vans for handicap people?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have accessible vans for disabled people.

Q. Do you charge extra fare if I want to pay with a card?

Answer: No, we do not. The fare will be same either you pay with card or cash, we do not charge any additional fee (like sometime other business do) for paying with credit card.

Q. I have lost my belongings in your Cab, what should I do now?

Answer: We are not responsible for any lost item(s). Customers have to take care their belongings by themselves. But still, in case if you lost something in our cabs, please contact us as soon as possible, provide the date, time of the trip and description of the item. We will try our best to find it and if found, we will return to you. Extra fee will be charged for dropping off the item at your place depending on the distance.

Q. How far do your cabs go?

Answer: From College Station or Bryan to anywhere in Texas.

Q. What is your pet policy?

Answer: We are a pet and dog-friendly taxis. All pets excluding service dogs must be in pet container/carrier.

Q. What is your refund policy for cancelled reservations?

Answer: If the payment was collected by the company any time prior to the trip, American Express Cab refunds to the customer upon the request and only if the reservation prior to the trip is cancelled according to the following terms and conditions:

If cancelled between 72 hours or more prior to the trip

-100% refund

If cancelled between 72 and 48 hours prior to the trip

-75% refund

If cancelled between 48 and 24 hours prior to the trip

-50% refund

If cancelled between 24 and 6 hours prior to the trip

-25% refund

If cancelled within/first 6 hours of booking or prior to the trip

-No refund

No show

-No refund

Any cancellation of trips and requests for a refund must be done during the regular operational hours (7:00 AM to 11:59 PM) by calling at our main number +1 979 777-4910.

If the payment is done through the card (then we can’t refund in CASH), the refund will go back to the same card. Otherwise, if the payment was done through CASH then we can only refund CASH, provided, the customer has to set up a time with the company/driver to collect the cash and meet up the driver at his requested address. The driver can also come to your address (if requested) but will charge some nominal fee (minimum $15) calculated based on the number of miles driven, ask for details.

Q. What is your policy if I (or customer) didn’t pre-pay the ride and requested for cancelation as the driver showed up at my pickup address?

Answer: We always encourage our customers to cancel the trip ahead of time, but for some reason if you were not able to do so and the trip was not pre-paid, we encourage to pay at least a minimum of $10 or more to appreciate and compensate the driver.

Q. I am an international traveller; I am visiting for a few days and I don’t have or don’t intend to buy a US phone number. Is there any way I can contact American Express Cab if I need your services?

Answer: Yes, you can download the Whatsapp messenger and can call/text or send voice message at +1 (979) 777-4910 from any part of the world or book online as long as you have internet.